NMM the Musician

NMM Edmonton BassistSo besides being a finance manager by day, and a music blogger at night, I also play the bass, electric, and acoustic guitar. As noted on the front page, I’d still consider another pr0ject somewhere in the indie audioverse, but am currently bassist in an upstart psych-shoegaze outfit, and I’ve also got a half-dozen songs in the works for my own sludge-folk act. More news on both forthcoming soon. In the meantime, some other details.


Bass Guitars: Ibanez SR300 (my favorite obviously, in the prettiest roadster orange; below, right), Squier Affinity P-Bass (pictured above).
Bass Amp: Hartke 115C (250W 115)
Effects: My pedal board was recently featured on Effects Bay’s “Pedal Line Friday”. Click here for the post.

Electric Guitar: Squier Jaguar, Epiphone Les Paul 100 (below, left)
Acoustic Guitar: Art + Lutherie Dreadnaught
Electric/Acoustic/Bass Amp: Peavey VYPYR-2 (which I also can use as a bass amp)

Harmonica: Key of G, C, D, and E harps.


With NMM on bass of course.

Edmonton bassist guitarist
NMM Pedalboard - August 2014