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Gear Guide

Juan Aldrete’s Earthquaker Devices Pedal Demo / Welcome Stang Guitars

April 10, 2015

Wednesday night I ventured out to the city’s newest guitar store – Stang Guitars – for a pedal demonstration from Juan Aldrete. Yes, THE Juan Aldrete. Racer X. Mars Volta. I was sort of expecting him to spend most of the time on an electric, just because of the nature of the event, but no, [...]

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Wave Sleep Wave – Gear Guide / “Never Notice” Now Available

September 23, 2014

Back in July I raved about the new Wave Sleep Wave album “Never Notice”, which dropped a couple of weeks ago, where I revealed that the band has “eclipsed even the immense gravity of their previous album with this work”, calling it an “oragsmatron of psychedelic delight, awash in layers of sound”. In other words, [...]

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