Yep, I’m New Music Michael – from Edmonton (the Alberta one). Though obviously most people don’t call me that. Most call me Michael. Some call me Mike. If they don’t know me from a hole in the ground, they’ll refer to me as Michael Senchuk. I started writing this music blog a couple years ago purely as a response to friends and family who were regularly asking me for bands to check out. In fact, the tipping point was scribbling a few band names down for my hairstylist. It’s always been like that, back to the start of the grunge/alternative movement, following bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden, but with an eclectic taste that also included more folk-ey bands like Blue Rodeo and Crash Vegas, and even harder sounds like Vancouver’s Sons Of Freedom. Along the way I’ve met some amazing people, musicians, other bloggers and music writers, promoters and venue managers. Oh, and press people, there’s some really awesome PR-ers out there.

My day job finds me in a financial role, working on forecasts, budgets, accounting and reporting, and various special projects which sometimes I can’t even tell my wife about. Which is pretty cool, although it drives my wife a little bonkers at time. But then again, what husband doesn’t drive their wife a little bonkers from time to time.

Besides writing here, I also write occasionally for a more Edmonton-specific entertainment blog, Gig City. You can ALWAYS email me; and/or follow me on twitter.

Advertising: if you’re interested in advertising opportunities on the blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Aaron Vanimere

I’d be remiss not to mention another major contributor here at NMM, ace concert photographer Aaron Vanimere. Friend. Fellow music fanatic. And did I mention he takes extraordinary photographs? Click here for assorted posts he’s contributed photos to. You can follow Aaron on twitter.


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