Mount Eerie – Distortion / Now Only Out March 30

by New Music Michael on January 18 2018

The best show I ever saw at the Wunderbar was a raw, emotive set by Mount Eerie that shall live in my head forever. Then last year, he dropped an album focusing on his wife’s death from cancer, and the heartwrenching, gutwrenching, pull your organs out music that it included was, well, honestly it was a bit toooo much for me. I listened to it twice, broke down in a fit of tears and despair both times, and then moved on. Even as a listener, I couldn’t hear it anymore. How the hell he could actually tour based on it, and sing and play those songs on a nightly basis, just boggles my mind.

He’s back with a new album this year. Now Only drops March 30th. Here’s the first single, titled Distortion.

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