Prince Bunny – Fall (For Matthew)

by New Music Michael on July 18 2016

I saw this band last week at Rocking 4 Dollars at the Buckingham. You know the formula, two originals, one cover that Craig picks for you. Kind of intimidating if you ask me. Though I still have it as a musical goal.

Anyways, you know you can sometimes just hear a band’s soundcheck and already you’re thinking … HOLY. CRAP. This is gonna be good.

Yeh that was these guys. Ana has such an amazing voice, and the way they play off the grit and overdrive and feedback, just melts your inner core. Like, maybe even more, maybe it changes you from a solid planet like Earth to a gas planet like Jupiter. Crazy good. Crazy.

The band’s next outing is on July 28th opening for Hush Pup, again at the Buckingham. I’ve put it in big red marker on my calendar. You should too.

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