LIVE! Freak Heat Waves at Wunderbar

by New Music Michael on July 19 2015

Freak Heat Waves at Edmonton's Wunderbar

Thursday was an epically busy night. Interviewed for the Board of the CKUA Foundation, met up with some friends I’ve known since high school that I haven’t seen in seemingly eons. Which, by the way, kind of freaked me out, because honestly, I didn’t think we were at that age where friends’ children were getting engaged. But indeed that is the case. So weird.

But speaking of freak, the evening concluded at my favourite local live venue, Wunderbar, where the headliner was an ambient punk band out of Victoria called Freak Heat Waves. And man, they slayed the joint. Pounding energy from start to end, great chemistry, perfect blending of all the instruments, melodic yet emanating and driving grit from every member. Just perfect. Definitely catch them if you can, or check out their most recent album on their Bandcamp site, “Bonnie’s State Of Mind”. I picked up a copy on vinyl at the show ($15 btw).

And it was great to see Wunderbar at capacity, which it was the night before for The Joe’s farewell gig as well. Obviously a product of the events happening this week, which also seemed to ensure the venue would stay open for a while longer. Though, truth be told, it doesn’t really change any of the long-term drivers of their issues, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I really, really hope they can stay open at least long enough for this new project of ours to get to the place where we can play on a bill there. I’m crossing my fingers.

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