2014 Top Five Live Gigs Of the Year

by New Music Michael on December 15 2014

Yeesh, and I thought I didn’t go to a lot of shows in 2013. This year it was even fewer, and there were a few times I chose to go play music myself instead of seeing a live show, but there was still some totally awesome gigs I ended up at. Sometimes by fluke, sometimes with months of anticipation. But that’s just what life is like, right.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ended up at any festivals this year. Not the folk festival. Not Sled. Nor any others. I mean, I did volunteer for the Up + Downtown, but I only really saw one band play. So I don’t know if you can call that “ended up at”. Anyways, I digress.

I do that a lot.

#5 Neko Case With The Dodos

Winspear. I really thought my wife would like Neko Case, and I’m a huge fan of The Dodos, so I got us tickets, and we found a babysitter. I had no idea how hard it was to find babysitters, by the way. Holy hell. At any rate, I was right, it was a great evening. Ms. Case is an incredible entertainer; and The Dodos are extremely tight. They seemed a little lost playing to a theater crowd instead of the last time I saw them, in some tiny little bar during SXSW, but still, always love to see them perform.

#4 Modest Mouse

Conference Centre. I mean, the sound wasn’t the greatest, but still, it’s MODEST MOUSE. One of my favourite bands of all time. I don’t know if they did all my favourite tracks, but they did do “Cowboy Dan”, and “Float On”, and “Dramamine”, plus some new material, so all in all I was very pleased I ended up there.

#3 Cloud Nothings

Houston TX – Fitzgeralds. I ended up going down to Houston for work in late April, and there were some good gigs going on, so I dubbed the week “Astrofest 2014”, though as a sidebar I didn’t see the Astros this year. But I did see Cloud Nothings on a Friday night on the main floor of Fitzgeralds. Holy crap they’re freaking crazy live. Excellent show.

#2 Stephen Malkmus With Speedy Ortiz

Starlite Room. I actually set out wanting to see Speedy Ortiz, I really like their music, but I have to admit, Mssr. Malkmus impressed the hell out of me too.

#1 Warpaint

Houston TX – Fitgeralds. One of those concerts where you feel chills dashing up and down your spine. Incredible music. Incredible live show. Cool little venue too, hung out on the balcony the whole show.

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