The Provincial Archive – “Common Cards” / European Tour

by New Music Michael on August 22 2013

The Provincial Archive - New Song And European TourWaiting for me in my inbox this morning was an email from Craig Schram of The Provincial Archive. If you’re a regular reader of NMM, you’ll know we’ve talked about the Edmonton folk-folk-rock act a number of times. And seen them live at least a couple of times.

Now, Heather and I have had preliminary discussions about adding a live band to our annual giant summer barbeque for next year. Seems like a natural progression and fit, I’ve even already touched base with a band that I think would fit in very well. I might even try and convince the guys I’m jamming with on Thursday nights to do an opening set. But in all honesty, TPA would also be right near the top of bands I’d consider. Though they’re already popular enough they’re probably outside my price range already. Which reminds me of our wedding back in 2000, I had a bit of a line on having Our Lady Peace perform at our reception – but Heather didn’t like the idea. Hell, she probably doesn’t even remember that story. Marilyn would, though.

At any rate, The Provincial Archive recently spent “a very long time in the studio”. Sounds like they worked and re-worked a vast plethora of tunes in preparation for an album. BUT it also sounds like they’re not quite ready to do that in the near future. Maybe next spring is my guess, though the email didn’t infer or imply any specific or non-specific date or time.

But what they did provide is a brand new song, so here it is – “Common Cards”. A little more haunting than most of their songs, sort of sends shivers up your spine if you let it, but still just as melodic and awesome as all of their other material. And if you don’t have their album “Maybe We Could Be Holy”, do yourself a favor and check it out. You won’t be sorry. We’ve posted all their upcoming tour dates as well, including a gig here in Edmonton in mid-September.

Tour Itinerary

Sep 11 – Edmonton AB at Yellowhead Brewery
Sep 23 – London England at Windmill
Sep 24 – Paris France at Pop In
Sep 25 – Bristol England at The Galli In the Forest
Sep 26 – Folkestone UK at The Chambers
Sep 27 – Amsterdam at Skek
Sep 28 – Hamburg for Reeperbahn Festival
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