The Bros. Landreth – Recording In the Bitter Cold; Touring In the Waning Days Of Summer

by New Music Michael on August 13 2013

Winnipeg's The Bros. Landreth

This band actually just popped up in my timeline earlier in the day, and after taking a quick listen to a couple of tracks, well, I just had to pass them along to everyone. Though they declare themselves “alt-country”, they’re much more on the “alt” side. And with some definite folk influences as well. So perhaps “alt-country-folk-alt” would be a better description. But that doesn’t exist. Regardless, you should decide for yourself after streaming “Tappin’ On the Glass” below.

As far as the band goes, we find the two brothers Joey and David Landreth, whose father Wally was an institution in the Winnipeg music scene himself, going their own separate ways for the longest time. Guitarist Joey has toured with One More Girl, The Wyrd Sisters, Dallas Green, and Deric Ruttan. David has played bass for Romi Mayes and Imaginary Cities, to name just a couple. I guess they figured it was about time to do a little something-something together, so The Bros. Landreth was beholdeth, unto which shall pass drummer Ryan “Rhino” Voth, who has worked with each of the brothers on other occasions.

Their debut album, “Let It Lie”, was recorded this winter, through the deadest and dreadest of all Manitoba winters. Their studio time coincided with a spate of winter weather in the -30C range (-22F for my American friends), and according to one story, the heat in the van they were using bit the big one at some point, making them rely on a borrowed “heat gun to defrost a pie shaped circle in the windshield”. Not the safest idea in a Canadian winter, but we’ll forgive them. And then some.

Check below for tour dates in your neck of the woods, too. I have to say, I think I could’ve drawn them a better route. But sometimes you gotta take the venues that you’re presented with.

Tour Itinerary

Sep 05 – Winnipeg MB at West End Cultural Center
Sep 09 – Devlin ON at Cornell Farms
Sep 13 – Calgary AB at Wine-Ohs
Sep 14 – Edmonton AB at Black Dog Freehouse
Sep 14 – Edmonton AB at The Artery
Sep 15 – Calgary AB at Joe’s Place
Sep 18 – Jasper AB at Olive Bistro
Sep 19 – Birch Island BC at Serenity Music
Sep 21 – Kelowna BC at Streaming Café
Sep 22 – Vancouver BC at Café Deux Soleils
Sep 23 – Vancouver BC at Railway Club
Sep 26 – Calgary AB at Ironwood
Sep 27 – Lloydminster SK at The Root
Sep 28 – Saskatoon SK at Village Guitars
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