Deap Vally – “Bad For My Body” Video / Sistrionix Now Available Some Places

by New Music Michael on August 22 2013

I was having lunch with my friend Mark the other day over at Louisiana Purchase, and of course the first part of the conversation was about music even though we’re both CMA’s. He’s working on some solo material, the gig space in his basement, and then the topic turned to the Queens Of the Stone Age gig. Which I didn’t go to because I was in Calgary for the Vampire Weekend show. BUT in particular he commented about the opening act Deap Vally, and how impressed he was.

Which reminded me I’d been meaning to blog about them for a while – in fact, if I was in Edmonton, I probably would’ve gone to the show mostly to see them. The Los Angeles female-female duo puts out some fierce, frenetic materiels. Not just another guitar-drum duo, Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums) are tremendously talented, and could probably out-rock any other duo out there right now. Well, The Pack A.D. might give them a run for their money. Ooohhh, that would be an awesome bill wouldn’t it.

You can – nay, you should – stream their newest video “Bad For My Body” above. Their debut full-length “Sistrionix” just dropped this summer in the UK, and will drop October 8 in the USA (and some Canadian vendors, though I just ordered myself a copy via this afternoon).

In the meantime, listen/watch the video, and go kick some drums or mic stands as hard as you can.

Remaining Tour Dates

Oct 05 & 12 – Austin TX for Austin City Limits
Oct 13 – Mexico City for Corona Capital Festival
Oct 20-24 – Miami FL for Lynyrd Skynyrd Simple Man Cruise VII
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