Flamingo Bay – “Serpentine” Video / Debut Full-Length Out This Fall

by New Music Michael on July 23 2013

The world travels in mysterious ways sometimes. Back in the fall of 2011 I went to see Paper Lions perform at the Pawn Shop, and the opening bands were a couple of local acts, Slowstinger and Flamingo Bay.

Back to present day, a couple weeks ago I exchanged emails with Scott of Slowstinger, as they’re looking for a new bassist. Then this morning I got an email from Flamingo Bay (who are now apparently hanging out in Hamilton) with some new music. Weird, hey.

Anyways, as I mentioned at the time, Flamingo Bay

“had sort of a southern rock vibe going, covered a Led Zeppelin track very adeptly, whirled through some verbose guitar riffs. Overall, sort of a mix of the Deep Dark Woods and Hollerado”.

They’re set to release a two-song single “Serpentine” (the other side being “Bleed”), both of which will also be featured on their debut full-length album, due to be released sometime in September. You can stream the video for “Serpentine” above – I think you’ll enjoy it. More of their trademark swampy, southern rock with a Canadian feel about it, but with a slight air of sophistication as well. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the full-length release date.

Tour Itinerary

Jul 26 – Windsor ON at Phog Lounge
Aug 30 – Hamilton ON at Baltimore House
Sep 05 – Toronto ON at Cameron House
Sep 27 – Toronto ON at Hideout
Sep 28 – Toronto ON at Relish Bar & Grill
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