Catl – “Gotta Thing For You” / Sledding It With The Rest Of Us

by New Music Michael on June 11 2013

Toronto duo Catl just released a new video for their track “Gotta Thing For You”, a heart-stomping rout of raucous guitars and drums. And it features a swackage of shots from their recent U.S. tour of “juke-joint style venues” in the deep south, including gigs in Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. That would be pretty prime country for their music, methinks. Gritty, soulful rock-n-roll with tinges of southern rock. Small little clubs, the music turned up so loud the floor is shimmying. Yep, pretty prime country indeed.

Catl have released three full-lengths, the most recent “Soon this will all be gone” on vinyl with limited edition artwork. Since the last album, they’ve made a few changes, with Sarah Kirkpatrick moving from keys to drums, while Jamie Fleming is still beating the crap out of his Gretsch guitar. Gretsch make some sweet basses, by the way, would definitely be on my list if I ever wanted to upgrade. Their good friend Pete Ross will be joining the pair for the Calgary gigs on drums as well.

Have I ever mentioned I’m a sucker for limited edition artwork? I’ve already got an album inbound from a band that I forgot who it was now because of their limited edition artwork. Something to consider for other bands.

AND …. You can check Catl out during Calgary’s epic Sled Island festival, where they’ll have a couple of sets. First up, Thursday (June 20th) at the #1 Legion Downstairs – 11PM set time. Secondly, where they’ll be headlining The Palomino on Friday (June 21st), set time 1AM. Yep, 1AM, they’ll be closing the place down. I think I’m going to try and hit that one, which will put me in prime position to attend the Beatroute Hangover Breakfast the next day at Local 510, one of my traditions. Traditions are important, you know.

">You can order that L/E vinyl over at their bandcamp site, by the way. Use this link here.

Did I mention I’m a sucker for limited edition artwork?

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