Gaslamp Killer – “In the Dark” Video / Performing At Sled Island

by New Music Michael on May 31 2013

“This is the way the world ends”

This video starts out with a little child stating that phrase, plainly and without emotion. And then a deep, somber, drone begins. It couldn’t not grab my full attention, demanding I watch, enthralled, for its entire length of four minutes and forty seconds.

The video was shot outside Prague in a medieval crypt built in the twelfth century, directed by HYPERBALLAD (Dano Cerny and Marielle Tepper). Full of deeply sad and depressing images, distressing even, but at the same time epic, almost War and Peace in grandiosity, and orchestral. Good. Evil. A hell of a video for a hell of a song.

Gaslamp Killer is Los Angeles’ William Bensussen, perhaps more well known for his DJ sets. He’s also the co-founder of the now infamous LA club Low End Theory. His debut full-length “Breakthrough” was released in 2012. He will be performing as part of Sled Island on June 19 at the Hifi Club, at 1am.

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