Downtown Parking And Buying Local

by New Music Michael on May 28 2013

Kind of a weird day over here at NMM headquarters. First of all, because I’m actually at NMM headquarters, working from home because there was a suspicious package somewhere along the road that leads to my parkade downtown. So traffic was not only a mess, but I obviously couldn’t get to my parkade, and obviously all the other parkades in the vicinity were all full too. So I just came home and opened up my laptop. Honestly, with my job, which mostly involves either spreadsheets, or working with one of our databases, or else conference calls, I could really do my job from almost anywhere. Heck, I could probably spend the summer in Venice and it would work just fine. Well, except the time of day would be really messed up. Okay, then, summering in Mexico or Peru would work better.

Anyways, we’re in the midst of announcement week, with Sonic Boom under our belt, and the Edmonton Folk Festival lineup due tomorrow. Then tickets go on sale for Boom on Friday, and on sale for Folkfest on Saturday. Busy and expensive week here in the big city.

In the midst of all that, I was out and about yesterday with Jameson, doing some shopping, some research for future gifts for Heather. Obviously I can’t tell you what I was looking at or for, but let’s just call it a Widget.

And in doing research online, I knew I could get a budget Widget for about $150. With free shipping. But I went to one local store that I thought had a pretty good reputation, and the ‘starter’ package he recommended was around $500. For something I don’t even know if she’ll really get into. Yeh, so not going to happen. But here’s the thing – at least I know there’s other options out there – others that might walk into that store might not, and so just assume that it’ll take $500 to get into Widgets – and so never will.

And maybe there’s a very good reason why the store wouldn’t talk about the $150 options. That’s cool, but tell me that. Honestly, I’d prefer to buy local if I can. I mean, I don’t usually pick budget options, I usually aim for above-average quality, but if it’s something that I’m not sure we’ll get a lot of use out, I’ll start much lower.

And that’s all I have to say on that subject.

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