Road Tripping With Of Montreal – Their Full Itinerary Stop By Stop

by New Music Michael on March 8 2013


Of Montreal (photo above, taken by Aaron Vanimere during Sled Island 2011), the indie rockers from Atlanta, Georgia, just announced a new tour that’ll pull them across the United States. It’s one of the few pieces of music news over the last couple of days that has absolutely nothing to do with South By Southwest, so we thought we’d virtually tag along with the flamboyant act as they head west, then east, then really west.

The band is touring to support last year’s full-length “Paralytic Stalks”, and the newer rarities collection, “Daughter of Cloud” (a total of 17 tracks recorded since 2007, 10 unreleased and 7 from deleted albums, EPs, or singles). Definitely worth checking out, but you probably know that already.

May 03 – Miami FL at Grand Central

Good ol’ Miami. Should be pretty near-perfect weather in early May. I spent some time in the area once not long after University doing some software training along with my brother. I recall really, really wanting to go see a jai alai game, but nobody else in the group wanted to go and it really bummed me out.

This and the vast majority of the other dates include the band Wild Moccasins, an indie-pop quintet from Houston.

May 04 – Orlando FL at Social

I’ve also spent some time in Orlando. In fact, my wife and I own a timeshare there. True story. Beautiful resort just off Disneyworld Proper, easy-peasy shuttle buses to anywhere. Good shopping too, my wife would tell you. I’d go back.

May 05 – Baton Rouge LA at Varsity Theater

Then we’re off along I-10 west, past the I-59 turnoff to New Orleans, and on to Baton Rouge’s Varsity Theater. I’ve never been there myself, furthest east I’ve been from Houston on the 10 is Lake Charles, about halfway between the two bigger centers.

May 06 – Austin TX at Mohawk

Of Montreal and Wild Moccasins are not stopping in Houston, probably because W/M is from there and play a crapton of dates there would be my guess, but they’ll take the 610 loop north in Houston and go around to the 290 exit, where they’ll continue on to Austin. The bastion of indie music. I think if you’re an indie band and you don’t stop in Austin you probably lose a crapton of cred. I’m just saying.

I’ve obviously been, South By Southwest in 2011. It would be an entirely different feel at any other time of the year other than South By, I’d guess, but Mohawk’s definitely an SXSW venue. I might’ve even seen a show there.

May 08 – Phoenix AZ at Crescent Ballroom

They could really call this the I-10 tour so far, couldn’t they, as we join back up with the highway west of Austin and continue a fair distance across the west of Texas, briefly into New Mexico, through Tucson and into Phoenix.

Where I’ve also spent some time. I mean, what Canadian that travels a fair bit hasn’t been. Saw a Diamondbacks game. Was supposed to see Willie Nelson, until it was canceled the day before, and Heather and I had to make some fast moves with Ticketmaster to go see him in Fresno three days later instead. Of Montreal is not playing Fresno.

May 09 – Los Angeles CA at Echoplex

Surprise surprise, back on the I-10 right into the heart of Los Angeles. I’ve only been to their airport. I didn’t like it. I try and avoid it now. The airport that is.

May 10 – San Francisco CA at Slims

Probably my second favorite city in the United States. Awesome city. So much to do. I should go back. Not happening this year.

May 11 – Portland OR at Wonderland Ballroom

Every time I see this venue I mentioned I think of that song “Your Body Is A Wonderland” by John Mayer. And I wish I didn’t.

May 12 – Seattle WA at Vera Project

It always makes me laugh how everyone complains about how it rains all the time in Seattle and Vancouver. I’ve been to Seattle three times, once for a multi-day workshop from the Red Rover organization, and it’s never rained yet. Sunny. Sunny. Sunny.

May 15 – Minneapolis MN at Cedar Cultural Center

Here’s where the schedule doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I get that this is a pretty long drive across the top of the nation, basically following I-90 until it turns south in Billings, then I-94 to Minneapolis. But if you’ve got the three days, and you know you need to stop anyway, why not do a gig along the way. Ariel Pink’s doing a gig in Missoula, for example.

And then in Minneapolis, why aren’t you playing 7th Street Entry? Everyone plays 7th Street Entry. I just checked and they’re not even booked. That’s weird. Weirdest thing about this itinerary in my opinion. Let’s move on.

May 16 – Milwaukee WI at Pabst Theatre

Of course there’s a theatre named Pabst in Milwaukee. Good god that’s the worst beer ever. I can’t even drink it. You couldn’t pay me to drink it. Maybe if you had a gun to my head. Maybe. I can’t even promise that.

May 17 – Chicago IL at Lincoln Hall

Ahhh, the Windy City. I mentioned Frisco is my second favorite city in the U.S. This is my favorite. So much to do. Culture. Sports. Music. You’ll never see it all no matter how many times you visit.

Matter of fact, take a break from this post – we’ve still got a ways to go – and plan a trip there for yourself. Somewhere around Lollapalooza would be my recommendation – but plan for extra days to do other stuff. MOCA. Architecture tours. Navy Pier. A ballgame.

May 18 – Covington KY at Madison Theater

Covington lies just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, in Kentucky. So if you’re not that familiar with geography, it probably makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it. Though, Cincinnati isn’t really a staple on indie itineraries either, let’s be fair.

May 19 – Pontiac MI at Crofoot Ballroom

I’ve never been to Detroit. My dad has. For a week-long conference on regulatory affairs, when he first joined the Canadian Radio And Telecommunications Commission as a, well, Commissioner. True story.

May 20 – Buffalo NY at Town Ballroom

The only time the band will be in Canada is enroute from Pontiac to Buffalo, a 4 hour 11 minute drive according to Google. Though I find I can usually reduce their times by 10%. They’ll take Highway 59 east to Lake St. Clair, then head north on I-94 to Port Huron, where they’ll cross into Canada, and Sarnia.

From Sarnia they continue east, now on Highway 402, which goes due east until Strathroy (I’m guessing it’s a many-upgraded rural grid road), then 402 dips around the south end of London, joining the 401 through Brantford, then taking the 403 exit into Hamilton. Once in Hamilton, they’ll take Queen Elizabeth Way, continuing east through St. Catharines, then it turns south to Fort Erie, which is of course just across the famed Peace Bridge from Buffalo.

I’m a big fan of road trips. I think this part’s my favorite piece of this whole itinerary. Of course, you could also take the long, circuitous route around Lake Erie and remain in the United States the whole time. It adds TWO AND A HALF hours to the trip. Take the Hamilton route, my friends.

May 21 – Boston MA at Paradise

Boston’s definitely on my must-visit list in the next few years. I’ve just always liked its vibe. Maybe see a ball game, catch a concert or two. They’ve got a hell of a music scene from what I’m told. And the Paradise Rock Club, formerly known as Paradise Theater, is one of the more popular venues for indie bands in the city. 933 capacity.

U2 played a show here in 1981, opening for the band Barooga Bandit. That’d be one hell of a story had you been there, hey. I should tell Heather W. about that one. Other bands that have performed here: Bruno Mars, Decemberists, Dinosaur Jr., Joy Formidable, Kings Of Leon, Nada Surf, OMD, Police, Pretenders, Real Estate, They Might Be Giants, Tom Petty.

Who else is performing there this May: Johnny Marr, Peter Murphy, Capital Cities, Alex Clare, Mudhoney, Shout Out Louds.

May 22 – Brooklyn NY at Music Hall Of Williamsburg

Can you believe I’ve never been to New York City? Neither can I. Definitely need to plan a trip that includes Boston and NYC. Who wants to babysit?

MHoW has a capacity of 550 people. Another popular venue for indie bands traveling through the area.

May 24 – Greensboro NC at Blind Tiger

Of Montreal will definitely need an extra day to make this gig. 8.5 hours south of Brooklyn, Greensboro is just west of the famed Research Triangle. Why Greensboro? I don’t know. Smaller than the Raleigh-Durham CMA. Puzzler.

Wild Moccasins head home after this date.

May 25 – Frederick MD at Flying Dog Brewery

Huh, booking must’ve been an issue over here on the east coast. After traveling south 8.5 hours from Brooklyn to Greensboro, the band’s van will hit the reverse lights and travel back north 5 hours and 22 minutes to Frederick MD, a suburb of Baltimore-Washington.

I would’ve booked the 930 Club in DC myself. But maybe they’ve played there too many times. Maybe it’s booked. I don’t know. I can assure you I’ve never been to Frederick before, though.

May 28 – Honolulu HI at Republik

The band will then board an airplane in Dulles would be my guess, and head to Honolulu.


Yep. And I think this is brilliant. They’re heading to Japan anyways, why not stop over in Hawaii for a few days. The Frederick gig is on a Saturday, their Japan set is the next Saturday. Hell, they deserve some time to relax in Hawaii. And while there why not do a gig? I mean, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Honolulu date before in an itinerary, but it’s a freaking brilliant idea. My hats off to them.

Their opening acts are Clones Of the Queen and Sing the Body. COTQ is a dreampop trio based in Honolulu. Stream their new EP “Braided” below. STB is also from Oahu.

Jun 01 – Nagano JP at Taico Club Festival

Apparently this is one of the biggest dance festivals in all of Japan. Others on the lineup: Ricardo Villalobos, Magda, Diamond Version, Alva Noto, Byetone, Cero, Clammbon, Clark, JETS, Prefuse 73, XXYYXX.

Hell of a party to end an itinerary. And our post.

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