Colleen Green – “Heavy Shit”

by New Music Michael on March 20 2013

Colleen Green - Sock It To MeSo I was just minding my business this afternoon, straightening out some files, arranging schedules, when I saw a tweet about Colleen Green from the collaborator music blog Portals. I seem to recall seeing some music from her earlier, and it felt like she was just on the cusp. Good but not great, missing just that one special element. But what was that element?

Apparently she figured it out herself. Because this new song (“Heavy Shit”, which you can stream below) is freaking phenomenal. Yep, you can quote me – freaking phenomenal. She’s kicked up the gearshift into overdrive, remaining true to her indiepop station, but the track is simultaneously both slightly more refined, and also has that extra little razor-edge of gritty guitar. A sure-fire, knock-it-out-of-the-park home run type of song. Check it out for yourself.

Her newest album “Sock It To Me”, on which “Heavy Shit” appears, dropped this week. Just based on this one track I’ll be hitting the ‘buy’ button when I get home.

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