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by New Music Michael on February 5 2013

thumbs_111017_chairlift_tomhines_15_0214_webFor the last number of months, the consistent #1 post on NMM has been one we did back in December 2011 on an act out of Brooklyn named Chairlift (though they were founded at the University Of Colorado). So we thought it would be good to update what’s happened since that post, which preluded the release of their sophomore album “Something” on January 24 2012 (Columbia/Young Turks).

Longer story made much shorter: they’ve hit the stratosphere.

Okay, maybe not the stratosphere. They’re not selling hundreds of thousands of albums like Mumford And Sons. But that last record certainly saw them become not just a buzz band, but progress past that monicker to become pretty common fare on many alt-rock radio stations, and almost a staple on a couple of the satellite stations I listen to.

The synthpop duo initially formed as a project of Aaron Pfenning and Caroline Polachek, with the intention to make background music for haunted houses. They recorded their “Daylight Savings” EP with bassist Kyle McCabe, then signed to Kanine Records in 2007 after adding Patrick Wimberley (subtract McCabe) and  relocating to Brooklyn.

Their debut full-length, “Does You Inspire You”, was released on Kanine in September 2008. Pfenning then left the group in 2010 to pursue a solo career, returning Chairlift to duo status.

Since that post with the “Met Before” single, the band has released one more single off their most recent album “Something”, called “I Belong In Your Arms” (stream it below), and in December released a five-track EP called “Something Demos”, which features, unsurprisingly, demos from their latest album. You can download it for free on their website.

And now you’re up to speed.

And no, they don’t currently have any live dates planned.

 ( photo by Tom Hines )

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