Speck Mountain – “Slow So Long” / LP “Badwater” Dropped January 22

by New Music Michael on February 1 2013

So my brother Corwin was over last night and we were working on the books for his Hobby Alley stores. And going through a bunch of emails looking for the gem in the haystack. That one tiny gem that just blows your freaking mind. That grabs you by the hair and shakes you through to your boots.

And here it is. My brother says it reminds him of Letters To Cleo. Reminds me of a cross between Crash Vegas and Fleetwood Mac. They call their sound “ambient soul”. Whatever the hell it is, this Chicago trio is incredibly awesome. Slow, soulful, drawn out, purposefully discordant at times to draw you in, with such strong emotions that if you were on the Big Bang Theory you’d immediately make everyone in the room a cocoa.

I’ll stop talking now. Needless to say, I bought their new album (“Badwater”, dropped January 22 on Carrot Top) after hearing a couple of tracks. Don’t be surprised to see it on my year-end list. Here’s “Slow So Long”.

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