Album Drops – February 19 2013

by New Music Michael on February 19 2013

Baptists – Bushcraft (Southern Lord)

Beach Fossils – Clash the Truth (Captured Tracks)

Black Twig Pickers – Rough Carpenters (Thrill Jockey)

Campfires – Tomorrow Tomorrow (na). Solo project of one Jeff Wallis, first one under the Campfires monicker, after moving from Chicago to Portland. I could understand that move. I love Chicago, one of my favorite cities in North America. But Portland is much more relaxing.

Cave, Nick – Push the Sky Away (Bad Seed/Sony Music Canada). Checked out the stream on the weekend; not my favorite album of his.

Dead Messenger – Recharger (Independent)

Doiron, Julie, and the Wooden Star – self-titled (Jagjaguwar)

Dunbar, MJaxmillion – House Of Woo (RVNG International)

Endless Boogie – Long Island (No Quarter)

Flea – Helen Burns (Org Music)

Friel, Dan – Total Folklore (Thrill Jockey)

Iceage – You Re Nothing (Matador)

Inc. – No World (4AD)

Kate Rogers Band – Repeat Repeat (Conveyor Canada)

Lions in the Street – On the Lam (Independent). A little Cancon action; I was going to include the link to their website here, I think the Vancouver band has some significant levels of talent, but audio starts up as soon as you get to their website, and I frown upon that. Not just frown. Despise. But check them out when you’re at home some time (UPDATE: Got an email from the band, and they’ve stopped the auto-play, so here’s the website link – like I said, definitely worth checking out).

Misfit Mod – Islands And Islands (Stars & Letters). I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile, after finding and streaming their video for “Queen Love Zero” in early January.

Mitzi – Truly Alive (Future Classic). Sunny indie pop from down under. Debut album. Stream “All I Heard” below.

Parenthetical Girls – Privilege (Marriage/Slender Means Society)

Psychic Ills – One Track Mind (Sacred Bones)

Two Hours Traffic – Foolish Blood (Bumstead). Fun little band with complex overtextures from out east with a Polaris short list nod to their name. They’re about to head out on tour with another favorite band of ours – Rah Rah – to support this album. Check them out if you get a chance, full itinerary here. In the meantime, stream their video for “Amour Than Amis” above.

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