Why I’m Not Going To Fleetwood Mac

by New Music Michael on January 2 2013

I was pretty excited when I heard Fleetwood Mac was coming to town. With most of the original members save Christine McVie. Truth is, I can’t recall ever seeing them. Which is weird, I’m a pretty big fan. In fact, I pushed hard to get “Tusk” as our wedding song. Heather vetoed that, of course. Though never really explained why.

Then I saw the prices for Fleetwood Mac. And yes, I’ve had some friends tell me they’re now in the ‘legendary’ band category that can charge anything they want for tickets. And so be it, they’ve nearly sold out this show at Rexall. So I guess they are. But I can’t really justify $150 with service charges to see them. Not any more.

So I’ve chosen a much cheaper option, and I get to see four shows instead of one (and Heather still gets to one – and one she’d prefer anyways). In fact, I end up saving a whopping $122.

Option A: Fleetwood Mac

2 X Fleetwood Mac at Rexall ($129.50 + $18.51 service charges)


Option B: Brandi + Houston

2 X Brandi Carlile at Winspear Centre ($47.00 + $8.00 s/c). H is a huge fan.


1 X Jeff Mangum during business trip to Houston ($25 + $5.00 s/c)


1 X Ra Ra Riot in Houston ($14 + $3.61 s/c)


1 X Unknown Mortal Orchestra in Houston ($12 + $3.61 s/c)




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