Suuns – “Edie’s Dream” Video / “Images Du Futur” Drops March 5

by New Music Michael on January 16 2013

A couple of months after Montreal’s Suuns released the audio track “Edie’s Dream”, we now get a video treatment of the same song. I’ve absolutely loved these guys since seeing them live near the end of 2010 opening for Land Of Talk, with their blissed-out psychedelic experimental-restraint-rock, which transposes between pulling you in, then holding you away like a wideout pushing off a cornerback. And their live show? Freaking incredible, like an ecstasy-induced cacophony of beauty and noise combining as one.

Their newest album, titled “Images Du Futur”, is due out March 5 on Secretly Canadian (USA) and Secret City (Canada). Definitely worth checking out. If I don’t end up with a copy of it beforehand, you can bet I’ll be using one of my Christmas iTunes cards on it the instant it drops.

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