Photo Ops – “It Makes Me Cry” Video

by New Music Michael on January 4 2013

It’s Friday on NMM and what does that mean? Well, not really much of anything on a regular basis. Although you can bet we’ll be watching as much football as we can this weekend.

Wait, stop pulling me on tangents.

We have a couple of videos for you this week. The first is from a dream-pop project from Terry Price named Photo Ops. This track is “It Makes Me Cry”, the first single from his upcoming release “How To Say Goodbye”. The video was directed by Jordan Noel.

I don’t have a release date for Mssr. Price’s effort, but I do have a tracklist, so how about I share that, and then you can go ahead and click on the video above.


  1. All the World Is
  2. It Makes Me Cry
  3. Chameleons
  4. Wanna Feel Good
  5. Someplace
  6. You Said You Were
  7. February Ocean Breeze
  8. Go To Sleep
  9. A Hundred Miles Away
  10. Sail Across My Eyes
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