by New Music Michael on December 11 2012

NMM Top Ten Songs Of 2012It’s list time again isn’t it. So be it. It seems like kind of a conventional thing to do for music bloggers. A tradition. And while I am a strong believer in traditions (just ask my wife who has to buy me an advent calendar every year) I also don’t like to do the expected.

But on the other hand, year-end best-of-lists are to music blogs what preparing the annual statements are in the accounting world. And those have to be done, don’t they. So here we go. Up first, my top ten songs of the year.

10. Lumineers – Slow It Down

I knew something off this album would make the list. But there were so many incredible songs. So many that were better than the one single “Ho Hey”. Which is always the mark of an incredible album too.

9. Mean Creek – Young And Wild

8. Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built

7. DIIV – Doused

I actually assumed this song would track higher in the list, I was jamming to it seemingly all year. But there were a hell of a lot of good songs out there this year.

6. Rah Rah – Art And A Wife

I really hoped RR’s new album would also track into my album list. But such is not to be. This song was incredible. But the album overall just wasn’t up to their debut full-length quality IMHO. Still awesome. Still an incredible live band. Go see them. Go listen to their material. Now. Well, okay, finish reviewing the top ten first.

5. Hundred In the Hands – Keep It Low

The Hundred In the Hands – Keep It Low

4. My Violaine Morning – Morning Angels

“It’s like their music is at once ahead of itself and behind itself but with such delicate precision that it just blends into a perfect neoscape” – NMM, August 3 2012.

3. Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence

Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence (official music video) from Spanish Prisoners on Vimeo.

2. Django Django – Default

It took me a while to find this band. But then I wouldn’t let go. This is an incredible, incredible, edible, delicious sandwich of a song.

1. IO Echo – When the Lilies Die

Did I know this song would be #1 when I first heard it? I had an inkling. I certainly blogged about it within a day of hearing it on satellite radio. And it remained in high rotation on my iPhone for the rest of the year.

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