MTT Fest 2013 – April 11-13 2013 in Calgary

by New Music Michael on December 12 2012

Doug Hoyer at Edmonton's Pawnshop

Doug Hoyer at Edmonton's Pawnshop (photo: Aaron Vanimere)


Last year fellow music lover and regular photographic contributor Aaron attended the inaugural version of this festival down in Calgary, and came back regaling us with tales of awesomeness.

This year’s festival promises to be even more amazing, with a stellar lineup that has to be seen to be believed. So we’re going to include all confirmed artists below. But trust us when we say you should really do your damnedest to attend. I’m certainly hoping to as well, made easier by the fact I can work out of my company’s Calgary office without any problems whatsoever. So we’ll cross our fingers and see how that goes, though it also looks like I need to be in Houston for a number of days in January and February already. And with a newborn at home, well, no promises.

At any rate, the reason for the timing of this post is because the festival *just* announced a slew of additional performers this morning, including Norman Blake (from Scottish alt band Teenage Fanclub), Martin Rev (Suicide), Alex Bleeker And the Freaks, and Rosco (Spacemen 3). Notable previous announcements included Rain Parade (their first show in over two decades), Peter Daltrey (Kaleidescope), and space/noise band The Telescopes. Ooohhhh, and also one of Edmonton’s favorite bands, Shout Out Out Out Out. Expect more announcements over the next while as well.

This festival has already become widely known as hosting some incredible reunion shows. Much like Coachella. But without the heat. Make your plans accordingly.

Early bird passes are currently available via this link.

PS – one of this year’s guest curators is none other than Joe Foster, who produced albums for Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, and was one of the co-founders UK’s Creation Records. Also guest curating is Nelson Bragg, the percussionist in Brian Wilson’s band; he also recently toured as part of the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour. Like I said, this festival has some insanely heavy hitters both on stage and behind the scenes..

PPS – if you’re in a band and want to perform, MTT can apply via Sonicbids until 01-Feb-2013. Use this link.

Confirmed 2013 Artists

All Hands On Jane (AB)
Astral Swans (AB)
Asteroid #4 (PA)
Barnaby Bennett (AB)
Norman Blake (UK)
Alex Bleeker & The Freaks (NY)
Ryan Bourne (AB)
Nelson Bragg (CA)
Travis Bretzer (AB)
Tara Busch (CA)
Cheval Sombre (NY)
Peter Daltrey (UK)
Devonian Gardens (AB)
The Diet (AB)
Faux Fur (AB)
Flavor Crystals (MN)
f〇fㄚ (IT)
Füxa (MI)
Go Dugong (IT)
Holly Herndon (CA)
Home School (AB)
Doug Hoyer (AB)
Japanese Gum (IT)
Kolchak (AB)
LSD And The Search For God (CA)
Angela Faye Martin (NC)
Malcolm Mooney + The 10th Planet (CA)
Pine Tarts (AB)
Psychic Alliance (BC)
The Pygmies (AB)
The Quarter After (CA)
Rain Parade (CA)
Martin Rev (NY)
Ben Rogers (BC)
Rosco (UK)
Shematomas (AB)
Shout Out Out Out Out (AB)
Silent Diane (TX)
The Telescopes (UK)
Renny Wilson (AB)
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