Django Django

by New Music Michael on November 19 2012

Django Django - eponymous release

Django Django - eponymous release

Once in a while I just sort of assume everyone’s heard of band already and don’t bother talking about them. But you know what they say about making assumptions. And so it is with UK’s Django Django, whose tracks have been around a few places the last while, I’ve heard them a number of times and nodded my head in appreciation, but like I said, just sort of assumed everyone’s heard of them, because they’ve been hyped pretty good, especially in Europe (they were finalists for the Mercury Prize). But certainly they’ve been mostly ignored over on this side of the pond so far, and I certainly haven’t heard either of their singles on terrestrial radio.

They’ve only had one full-length, a self-titled effort on Because/Ribbon. The quartet, who met in art school at Edinburgh (there’s gotta be some pressure for extraordinary album covers in that case, don’t there? Fortunately the first album at least meets those expectations), have released a pair of singles off said album. Both similar vein, sort of an art-indie-rock-tinged-with-psychedelia sort of thing. Anyways, the singles were titled “Waveforms”, and the one below, my favorite, is “Default” (which is the one that made me think about them again today as I heard it on satellite radio during my commute to downtown).

Enjoy. In the meantime I’m going to go add them to my lengthy list of albums to consider for my top ten this year.

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