Gardening Not Architecture – The Florida Sessions

by New Music Michael on February 13 2012

The weekend’s CMA session was more intense than I figured, and it looks like I’m going to be extremely busy between now and when the program concludes in June – but I did get an awesome email on the second day from one of my favorite artists of the past few years, Sarah Saturday (aka Gardening Not Architecture). Regulars may remember we raved about Gardening Not Architecture’s sophomore album “Saboteur” back in November (BTW her debut was also phenomenal).

Apparently she’s decided to boniver herself into solitude in a house in northwest Florida for two weeks (a much better choice than northern Wisconsin), recording unedited demos and posting them for fans and music lovers to enjoy as she goes. And at the end of her seclusion, she’ll be releasing the entire collection of demos to her mailing list.

The first couple of tracks are already up on her website – “The Passing Of A Year” and “Birds-Eye View” – which you can check out yourself using this link here. See what you think; then you’ll probably want to go sign up for that mailing list, or follow her progress on her blog yourself (but we’ll probably continue to follow along and talk about some of our favorites from the rest of her time in NW Florida as well).

Best of luck, Sarah!

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