NMM Top Songs of 2011 (With Streams For Eight)

by New Music Michael on December 14 2011

My “best of” lists for 2011 concludes today with my top ten songs of the year. I always find this a bit of a challenge as well, because not only do I end up with favorite songs off my favorite albums, but I tend to like deeper tracks as well, on both those albums, as well as other albums that weren’t necessarily my favorite. Then if you add in all the tracks I stream here on the blog, well, that’s just a whole pile of songs to dwindle down to just ten. But I’ve managed to do it for the second year in a row …

#10 Joy Formidable – Whirring

“Whirring” might have remained higher in my list had our local “modern rock” radio station – Sonic 102.9 – not played the hell out of it. Even then, it absolutely had to be in my top ten songs of the year.
Whirring by thejoyformidable

#9 Painted Palms – All Of Us

Their EP “Canopy” was my favorite EP of 2011; this is the first (and obviously my favorite) track.
All of us – Painted Palms by nmcollins

#8 An Horse – Dressed Sharply

My #1 album of the year could’ve spun three or more tracks into the list if I’d done a top twenty, but this remains my favorite off the album.
An Horse – Dressed Sharply by anhorse

#7 Barr Brothers – Beggar In the Morning

The Barr Brothers blew my freaking mind when I saw them live; their self-titled album has been in heavy rotation on my iDevices since the show, and this is my favorite track on it.
Beggar In The Morning by TheBarrBrothers

#6 Braids – Lemonade

Hell, of course a Braids song was going to appear in this list. They made my top album list. They made my top live gig list. The only list they didn’t make was my EP list, and that’s probably only because they never released an EP this year.
BRAIDS ‘Lemonade’ by kaninerecords

#5 Snowblink – Rut & Nuzzle

Snowblink opened for Ohbijou when I saw them last month. This song is so inherently beautiful it remained in my head for days, and remains my favorite song off a very solid album.
Snowblink – Rut & Nuzzle by wavelengthtoronto

#4 Metric – Black History Month

If you don’t live in Edmonton, you’ve probably never even heard this song. It’s a cover of the DFA 1979 song, and was only released here in Edmonton in conjunction with an interview that Emily did. And it’s remained in heavy airplay on Sonic 102.9 because everyone loves it (including me, obviously). Interestingly, Metric is the only band that was also in my 2010 top song list.

#3 Foo Fighters – I Should Have Known

It was a very solid return to form for Foo Fighters’ “Wasting Light” album. This song in particular tugged at my heartstrings repeatedly.

#2 Battles – Ice Cream

One of those songs that I kept going to again and again when I just needed a little pick-me-up.
Ice Cream (Featuring Matias Aguayo) by BATTLES

#1 Cults – Abducted

This song repeated itself in my head throughout the year so much I’m surprised it didn’t give me headaches. It’s a breathtaking song, from a breathtaking album (my #6 of the year), by a breathtaking band.
Cults – Abducted by cultscultscults

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