Sunbears! – “Give Love A Try”

by New Music Michael on November 9 2011

Sunbears! are a duo from the burgeoning (not really) music scene of Jacksonville, Florida (to be fair, they might have a burgeoning music scene, I certainly wouldn’t be aware of it, so if you are from Jacksonville and you have an awesome music scene, my apologies).

Back to the Sunbears! They have a new LP called “You Will Live Forever” dropping November 22. The duo first appeared on the childrens’ show Yo Gabba Gabba, which would usually make me run away screaming, but these guys actually do have real talent, and I’m kind of digging the track “Give Love A Try”, for which you can stream the video above. It’s this wispy semi-acoustic delight that’s part Coldplay, part Flaming Lips, and part Cults. See what you think.

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  • David

    Why would an act on Yo Gabba Gabba send you running? They’ve featured amazing artists.

    • Michael Senchuk

      Just doing some research on Yo Gabba Gabba, and you’re indeed correct. My bad. Ting Tings, Aquabats, Shiny Toy Guns, MGMT, Mates of State, The Shins, Agrolites. My bad indeed.

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