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Drag Your Heels – “Walk Away”

by New Music Michael on October 28 2011

I received an email about this Drag Your Heels on Wednesday from the folks at Dead Space Festival. I love what those guys are doing, great idea, so I took a listen, and you know what – I love the band too. This East London quartet is, well, you know what, here’s how they describe themselves on their facebook page …

New wave rock ‘n’ roll inspired by the blues, 60s girl groups, proto-punk greats and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

That’s pretty apt, if not a little intimidating, and, well, frenetic. Then again, frenetic’s a good word for them too. They kind of remind me of what would happen if The Go-Go’s met up with Frankie Rose. The band’s just finished a small tour after releasing the single “Walk Away” (up first on the stream below); they have an EP scheduled for release on December 12th. Send me a copy, guys, and I’ll talk about you even more !

Drag Your Heels by Drag Your Heels

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