Update: Gardening Not Architecture – New Album and Tour

by New Music Michael on April 27 2011

There are certain musical acts that I go out of my way to see if they’re doing anything new. I don’t wait for emails from their mailing lists. I don’t wait for news from their PR firm. I don’t wait for news from the regular media.

Sarah Saturday and her project Gardening Not Architecture is one of those artists. I’ll admit it, I have a crush on Sarah – both her music, which she refers to as “electronic-tinged ethereal powerpop”, and her as a person.

First, her music is simply stunning. Her “First LP” (released September 2009) is crammed full of unbelievably poignant lyrics, Sarah’s effervescent voice, perfectly-pitched guitar chords, and a limitless drum track. Every track is just amazing. Every track. “Play It Cool” and “Buried In The Basement” are two of the best songs I’ve heard in the last few years – and “Jabberwocky” – well, what can I say about that track – I love it so much that if I ever got the opportunity to have my own hour show on radio someday (you know, like the really really big bloggers), I’ve already decided it would be my theme song, and the very first song I play.

Second, Sarah writes a blog on her website that isn’t just your standard “artist flogs their music” writing. No, she’s beautifully effusive, she tells you what’s going on in her life, her emotions, it’s truly just an awesome read everytime I head there. Recently she went to Coachella as a favor to a friend to help out backstage, and as others were coming up to her thinking she was playing, Sarah was lamenting about how it was awesome to be there, but she longed to play a major festival. I couldn’t help but send her a quick email to say hi and see what was new.

I probably have a bit of a soft spot for Sarah too, since she was the first artist to link to one of my blog posts on her website (about GNA obviously). She always goes out of her way to reply to emails, too – and not just because I’m a music blogger, but because I’m a fan.

Anyways, like I said, I exchanged a couple emails with Sarah late last week, and I can tell you that she already has new music in the works, and she’s planning to “start focusing 100% on it this summer. Already talking about end-of-year touring”.

Seriously, go check out her music, and if she’s coming through your city on her tour, DO. NOT. MISS. the chance to see her. I’m still a little bitter about missing her when the Warped Tour came to town last year.

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