Top 10 Songs With A Day Of The Week In The Title

by New Music Michael on April 14 2011

I was really hoping this whole Rebecca Black debacle would just sort of blow over. I’m still waiting. However, it did make me think about other songs with days of the week in their title. There’s been a lot over the years, so here’s my completely unscientific list, with every day represented at least once (sort of like an all-star team that has to have at least one player from every team, I suppose).

1.       Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2

The pinnacle of all days of the week songs, U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” liked Sunday so much they used it twice. An extraordinary song, and I’m not even a huge U2 fan (although, push come to shove, “Joshua Tree” would probably still be one of my desert island picks, depending on how many I got to select).

2.       10:15 Saturday Night – The Cure

“10:15 Saturday Night” was the B-side to The Cure’s single “Killing An Arab”, and more importantly the first track on the band’s debut album, “Three Imaginary Boys”. According to the booklet (remember those) accompanying the deluxe edition of the album, this song is what caught Chris Parry’s attention and led him to sign the band to his Fiction label.

3.       Manic Monday – The Bangles

I’ll probably get some grief about placing this one so high, but The Bangles used to be a guilty pleasure of mine, and it didn’t hurt that I had a huge crush on Susanna Hoffs. In my opinion, this is the band’s best song, though “Walk Like An Egyptian” actually made it to number one (Manic Monday peaked at #2 in the US and UK). I honestly find that song somewhat irritating, though.

4.       Church On Sunday – Green Day

It looks like Sunday occupies two of the top four spots on my list, with “Church on Sunday” from Green Day coming in at number four. The song is from the band’s sixth studio album “Warning”, which also included the better known songs “Minority”, “Waiting”, and the title track.

5.       Monday Morning – Fleetwood Mac

I’ve been on a bit of an old-school Fleetwood Mac kick recently, as witnessed by my recent purchase of 1977’s “Rumours” for my iPad – and ever since I saw “Monday Morning” on the list I used to source this post, I can’t get it out of my head. Which I take as the universe telling me it should be on the list.

For those of you that are curious, the song is off their 1975 self-titled effort, which was their tenth album. Other songs on that album included “Over My Head”, “Rhiannon”, and “Say You Love Me”. The album was the first of Fleetwood Mac’s to hit #1 on the U.S. chart, as did two of their next three (“Rumours” of course, and 1982’ “Mirage”). “Tusk” only managed to hit #4 in the US, though its title track is my favorite track ever from the band (and I really, really tried to have it on our wedding soundtrack for in the church but was vetoed).

6.       Church On Tuesday – Stone Temple Pilots

One of my favorite bands of the 1990’s, “Church On Tuesday” is the fourth track on STP’s fourth album called “No. 4”. That probably means something.

Or it might mean more that there’s two songs in this list called “Church on ”. I shall ponder that tonight while trying to fall asleep.

7.       Monday Monday Monday – Tegan & Sara

“Monday Monday Monday” by Tegan & Sara (who were born just down the road in Calgary, Alberta) is from the band’s 2002 album “If It Was You”, their third full-length effort. I suppose they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure too, though some of their newer tracks, like “The Con”, “Back In Your Head” and “Northshore” can be found on my iPad.

8.       Wednesday – Drive By Truckers

Positions eight through ten are occupied by songs for days that don’t get a lot of attention in songs, starting with the eighth spot, “Wednesday” by Drive By Truckers (from 2006’s “A Blessing And A Cure”, making this track handily the newest on the list). Interestingly, it’s the only band in this list that I’ve previously mentioned on New Music Michael. Go figure.

9.       Good Friday – Black Crowes

Friday’s a fairly weak day for songs as well, which seems odd given it’s the start of the weekend, but c’est la vie. I can’t remember the last time I even listened to the Black Crowes to be honest, but I definitely owned a couple of their albums along the way. “Good Friday” was the first single released off of 1996’s “Three Snakes And One Charm” (which doesn’t sound familiar so I don’t think that’s an album I owned), which was the Black Crowe’s fourth album.

10.   Any Given Thursday – John Mayer

Apparently Thursday is the least loved of any day of the week, with very few songs written about it. In fact, I couldn’t find one song that I could even tolerate, with “Any Given Thursday” actually being an album by John Mayer – and not that I’m even a John Mayer fan.

So, there you have it. Did any of your favorite days of the week songs get left off? Let me know in the comments!

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