Broken Bells

by New Music Michael on July 5 2010

Thanks again to Radio XY for playing this band exactly when I was waking up this morning (the guy’s a genius lol).  A little electric, well-placed guitars and a good drum track, along with catchy lyrics and an excellent vocalist place these guys on the inside track imho.

Broken Bells (myspace) is from New York City, with the lead vocalist from The Shins being one-half of the duo (the other is Brian Burton).  The duo met in 2004, but didn’t begin the partnership until September 29 2009 (coincidentally my birthday, how about that).   The song I heard on my internet radio was “High Road”, and it had me checking this band out as soon as I was at a computer with sound.

Just One: “The High Road”
Two More: “The Ghost Inside”, Vaporize”

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